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Welcome to the SRD website

Thank you for visiting. The site is currently under construction but new content is being added all the time—so be sure to revisit us soon.

The site was initially developed to provided information about our SRD track, Design & Innovation in the 21st Century: The Business of Responsibility, that we chaired at the EURAM (European Academy of Management) conference held on the 4–7 May 2005 in Munich, Germany.

A list of the papers that were submitted and presented at our EURAM SRD track will be uploaded the website in the next few days.


Downloads available

We have recently added a number of new SRD downloads to the website. You can access these by clicking the 'Resources' tab at the top of this page, and following the 'Socially Responsible Design' link on the subsequent page.

Finally, if there are any SRD-related conferences or events that you would like to see publicised on this website, we would be happy to display appropriate advertising banners on our pages. If you would like to discuss this or any other matter, please get in touch.


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